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A Message from Jake MagnavoX:

This is it... FusionFall is FINALLY back after having been disconnected for nearly an entire five years, and after a time only slightly lesser than that, the totally original fansite format of the Fusion Modulation Headquarters is back!

Being back to the original fansite format means a full focus on keeping the community engaged and informed, and our best resources for that are all back in development!

The forums, FMHQ Live, our comprehensive guides, NanoCom X, our signature events in-game, and so much more are all on their way back, and my team and I are so thrilled to get you back on board with us once these all come back to light!

Speaking of NanoCom X, a snapshot of the now fully client-based application is now available for Windows operating systems, and we invite you to check it out and help us roll out the kinks! NanoCom X operates through FMHQ's host network, 7322 I/O. The 7322 I/O Launcher is available for download below, so what are you waiting for!?

Thank you all for your patience as things are being put back up to snuff around here. We've missed you, and hopefully you've missed us just enough to want to come back and reap the benefits of being a member of the best FusionFall fansite ever!

We're Proud to be Reintroducing the Ultimate FusionFall Community Experience Platform!

Requires Microsoft Windows • Program is still in development • Expect missing features, bugs, potential instability
Account login also required • Use of all 7322 I/O websites and interactive features, including FMHQ and NanoCom X, requires agreement to terms of service


NanoCom X orginated on FMHQ as a web-based communications platform after the Cartoon Network games team announced in June 2013 that the game would no longer support open chat. We simply could not stand the idea of an MMO being without communications. A chat module could be activated at the click of a button, and with FMHQ account credentials, anyone could chat with anybody else in any area of the game if they were also using NanoCom X.

Users of NanoCom X also had the benefit of restarting the game faster in the event of a crash, which back in 2013, were very frequent.

Unfortunately, it wasn't but a month of NanoCom X existing before Cartoon Network announced the full closure of the original game. A year later, NanoCom X was repurposed during FMHQ's "Our Last Resort" campaign as an interaction hub where people who were for petitioning the game to be reopened by Cartoon Network met and chatted. Any updates regarding the progress of the movement were placed in NanoCom X, and several easter eggs were programmed into the interface of NanoCom X to entertain visitors for a brief period of time, such as sending out the Ed nano and him accidentally causing a total loss of power to the interface and laughing hysterically in the background for about half a minute.

Due to the lack of success of the OLR movement, NanoCom X closed after the petition on Change.org had gone inactive... but now, it's on its way back to power the ultimate interactive experience in FusionFall Retro! Hooray!

General Overview:

NanoCom X (NCX) is now a downloadable client for Windows operating systems, and because it is now a full-fledged client, there are so many more possibilities for new features.

Although NCX is currently only supported on Windows operating systems, we are investigating the possibility of bringing it to both Mac and Linux based machines. We regret to inform users of either operating systems that it will be some time before we have any new developments in that regard.

Patch Notes:

Patch notes can be obtained by CLICKING HERE. Any update information will be posted here first!

Frequently Asked Questions:

NCX fails to successfully house the game window!

  - This error primarily results in the fact that FusionFall Retro was run as adminstrator and NanoCom X was not. If you run Retro as an administrator, you will also have to run the 7322 I/O launcher as an administrator.

How do I even make an account?

  - We've recently added a button labeled with a question mark that can assist you in either creating an account or resetting a forgotten password for an old FMHQ or I/O (formerly ModNet) account.

Current Features:

Global FMHQ-Delivered Notifications:

  - In the event of a major update posted in our news feed, we'll send you a summary while your in-game right when we post it!
  - This would make it easy for our staff to notify you of special sightings in the game as well!


  - Global Chat and Friend Chat is currently live and functional. Zone Chat and other instances of Special Chat are still on the way! Stay tuned!

Player Database Menu:

  - Add your FusionFall Retro identity to your FMHQ account, then use it to communicate with other players and compete and participate in FMHQ events on NanoCom X!

Camera Mode:

  - For the first time ever, you'll be able to hide FusionFall's Heads-Up Display! (EDIT: Yeah, we know F10 exists now, but we were still first!)
  - Easily take a singular screenshot in-game and have it saved to your computer automatically!
  - Take a series of 60 screenshots over a short span of time to obtain an awesome-looking action shot or two... or ten!
  - Access your saved screenshots at the click of a button.

Upcoming Features:

Primary Menu:

  - Although kinda self-explanatory, this will be the main control panel to customize your NanoCom X interface.

Regeneration Clock:

  - Become a better Nano wielder and conserve your passive Nano's stamina!
  - In-game instructions provided by Dexbot Q-7322 will show you how to fine-tune the clock in accordance to current conditions in-game.

Tracker Module:

  - In-game abnormalities will be made known widespread thanks to the technology used to create and power the Tracker Module.
  - Through the power of user-generated content, tracking and reporting special entities in the Cartoon Network Universe will truly be more simple than ever.

That's all you get for now! Be advised that there are so many more features coming that we don't want to reveal quite yet, but believe us when we say you'll like them... a LOT... ESPECIALLY if you loved the signature events FMHQ used to host back in the day, or even if you've ever wanted to host your own in-game events in a far more organized matter!