02.25.19 :: v0.1.9.0
- NanoCom X's core services were moved to a new server tonight. Tonight's patch only contains changes to a couple lines of code that direct communications to this new server.
- Please report any severe lag, crashes, or disconnects to dex7322#7322 on Discord or via email to support@7322.io - We'd like your feedback concerning the app's performance after switching to what we see, so far, to be some better performing hardware. (We hope we're not wrong, but tell us if we are!)
- Minor global chat lag may still occur. This has not been patched yet since being first acknowledged on Feb. 2nd.

02.19.19 :: v0.1.8.9
- The Hidden Player camera mode is now available to all users. Please note this feature is still not perfect and that you may continue to experience bugs, especially if you opt to use the Fill Mode interface option. Bug fixes will be applied over time. In the meantime, simply reset your camera to fix.
- NanoCom X will reset your camera mode to the default if an irregularity is detected while using Hidden Player mode.

02.07.19 :: v0.1.8.8
- (Take two...) We've added more angles to the camera function! Simply press the respective key according to the chart below immediately after activating the camera function.
- LEFT :: Right Shoulder
- RIGHT :: Left Shoulder
- DOWN :: Centralized
- UP :: Hidden Player (NOTE: This feature is still a work in progress and is not available for most users at this time.)
- HOME :: Default

02.04.19 :: v0.1.8.7
- Various bugs fixes.

02.03.19 :: v0.1.8.2
- We had originally turned off chat audio notifications for global chat in the previous build. However, per the request of many, we've turned it back on. Please bear in mind that this will be a configurable option when the settings menu is working.

02.02.19 :: v0.1.8.0
- Direct private messaging and friendship establishment are now live! Get your friends on NanoCom X, because even more awesome social features are coming soon!
- Fixed a bug for Windows 7 users who were unable to utilize the chat system's self-expanding/retracting submenu.
- The prior mentioned submenu of the chat window now also shows when the user has the Player Database menu open for convenience.
- Chat systems now load up by default, meaning users no longer have to click the chat button to become connected.
- The chat window now also has a scrollbar.
- Per the request of many, but ESPECIALLY by one player in particular, we've finally implemented a minimize button. Huzzah!
- Character deletion sometimes resulted in some crashes. Not anymore.
- If a character is approved to be added to your account while you are on NanoCom X, and you previously had no characters, your new character will automatically be selected for use in all chat functions.
7322 I/O Launcher Updates:
- We've added a button to assist new users with creating an account in their device's default web browser, and also removed the temporary account utilities. Returning members can also use this to reset their forgotten password.
- Global chat messages take a little bit longer to be sent than friend messages. This is normal for the time being. We plan to enhance speed in a future update.

11.06.18 :: v0.1.7.1
- Added error sound when user tries to access camera mode when NCX is not maximized.
- Finished and activated visual mode switching. Those who sport smaller screens and dual monitors, this one's for you!
- Support for 150% scale displays is now fully supported.
- Squashed a bug that caused visual glitching if the end user had their Windows taskbar set to auto-hide.

11.04.18 :: v0.1.6.0
- Added a chat function that allows users to report words that shouldn't be censored right within the interface itself.
- Various connectivity-related issues were corrected.

10.30.18 :: v0.1.5.2
- There were actually a lot of little changes that went into today's build, but we'll keep it short and sweet:
- Global chat and the character menu are both now available! It's now possible to associate your player information with your FMHQ account and talk directly to other NanoCom X users! Hooray!

10.09.18 :: v0.1.4.6
- 7322 I/O Launcher code slightly modified to reflect changes in directories outlined below.
- Adjusted volume across all of NCX to match default FFR sound levels by default. This will be configurable when the main menu is available at a later time.
- Slightly rearranged audio file assets and storage methods to increase performance.
- Removed intro visuals as we further investigate a crashing issue on startup. The intro sound still plays without issues.
- Annihilated more spelling issues.

10.05.18 :: v0.1.4.5
- We have switched away from using ClickOnce deployment, as numerous compatibility issues were present.
- As such... SURPRISE. The complete 7322 I/O Launcher installation utility is here early, minus its soon to be established auto-update capability.
        (This means that for now you must redowload the installer with each update. The installer will, however, automatically overwrite your previous installation.)
- Uninstallation of any previous version is recommended before installing this version.
- Squashed a bug that caused the temporary FMHQ account utility system we have in place to crash the program entirely.
- Screenshots are now being saved in a new location on the user's machine. Please save your screenshots before uninstalling old versions.
- Various spelling mistakes have been corrected throughout the app.
- Addressed an issue with the bottom panel flickering when receiving a global notification.

10.05.18 :: v0.1.4.2
- Please note that no changes were made to the actual NanoCom X software since the last update, hence the lack of a version number change.
- The 7322 I/O launcher login screen now supplies a button in place of the subtext, directing those who click it to a highly modified localized instance of the forums
        (which are still unavailable due to construction) where account utilities are present. This is temporary. The actual 7322 I/O Account portal will be much cleaner. Happy Launch Day!
- KNOWN ISSUE: A complete uninstall and reinstall is necessary due to some manifest configuration changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

10.03.18 :: v0.1.4.2
- Added DPI support for devices with the following scale options: 125%, 200%, 250%
- An error will now be thrown if DPI is not supported.
- Only one error will occur before NCX closes. No more loud error spam!
- Bottom button panel has been adjusted to be unison regardless of DPI settings, so users using a higher DPI setting will no longer see the bottom bar go off-screen.
- Various changes were made in attempt to fix some file manifest issues for some users.
- The notification area icon has been changed to match the window icon.
- Repaired some problems with the pointer cursor some users were experiencing.

10.01.18 :: v0.1.4.1
- Fixed error handler bug.

10.01.18 :: v0.1.4.0
- Automatic installation and updating is now conducted via ClickOnce. Things will remain this way until full release.
- Evidence of most incomplete features removed; primary four buttons left intact.