11.06.18 :: v0.1.7.1
- Added error sound when user tries to access camera mode when NCX is not maximized.
- Finished and activated visual mode switching. Those who sport smaller screens and dual monitors, this one's for you!
- Support for 150% scale displays is now fully supported.
- Squashed a bug that caused visual glitching if the end user had their Windows taskbar set to auto-hide.

11.04.18 :: v0.1.6.0
- Added a chat function that allows users to report words that shouldn't be censored right within the interface itself.
- Various connectivity-related issues were corrected.

10.30.18 :: v0.1.5.2
- There were actually a lot of little changes that went into today's build, but we'll keep it short and sweet:
- Global chat and the character menu are both now available! It's now possible to associate your player information with your FMHQ account and talk directly to other NanoCom X users! Hooray!

10.09.18 :: v0.1.4.6
- 7322 I/O Launcher code slightly modified to reflect changes in directories outlined below.
- Adjusted volume across all of NCX to match default FFR sound levels by default. This will be configurable when the main menu is available at a later time.
- Slightly rearranged audio file assets and storage methods to increase performance.
- Removed intro visuals as we further investigate a crashing issue on startup. The intro sound still plays without issues.
- Annihilated more spelling issues.

10.05.18 :: v0.1.4.5
- We have switched away from using ClickOnce deployment, as numerous compatibility issues were present.
- As such... SURPRISE. The complete 7322 I/O Launcher installation utility is here early, minus its soon to be established auto-update capability.
        (This means that for now you must redowload the installer with each update. The installer will, however, automatically overwrite your previous installation.)
- Uninstallation of any previous version is recommended before installing this version.
- Squashed a bug that caused the temporary FMHQ account utility system we have in place to crash the program entirely.
- Screenshots are now being saved in a new location on the user's machine. Please save your screenshots before uninstalling old versions.
- Various spelling mistakes have been corrected throughout the app.
- Addressed an issue with the bottom panel flickering when receiving a global notification.

10.05.18 :: v0.1.4.2
- Please note that no changes were made to the actual NanoCom X software since the last update, hence the lack of a version number change.
- The 7322 I/O launcher login screen now supplies a button in place of the subtext, directing those who click it to a highly modified localized instance of the forums
        (which are still unavailable due to construction) where account utilities are present. This is temporary. The actual 7322 I/O Account portal will be much cleaner. Happy Launch Day!
- KNOWN ISSUE: A complete uninstall and reinstall is necessary due to some manifest configuration changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

10.03.18 :: v0.1.4.2
- Added DPI support for devices with the following scale options: 125%, 200%, 250%
- An error will now be thrown if DPI is not supported.
- Only one error will occur before NCX closes. No more loud error spam!
- Bottom button panel has been adjusted to be unison regardless of DPI settings, so users using a higher DPI setting will no longer see the bottom bar go off-screen.
- Various changes were made in attempt to fix some file manifest issues for some users.
- The notification area icon has been changed to match the window icon.
- Repaired some problems with the pointer cursor some users were experiencing.

10.01.18 :: v0.1.4.1
- Fixed error handler bug.

10.01.18 :: v0.1.4.0
- Automatic installation and updating is now conducted via ClickOnce. Things will remain this way until full release.
- Evidence of most incomplete features removed; primary four buttons left intact.